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700 E. Kearsley Street
Flint, MI  48503
(810) 235-3077

McFarlan about us IMG 4720Senior Living Simplified

McFarlan Residential is committed to providing quality, affordable housing solutions for seniors. Our portfolio of properties includes housing for senior women in an assisted living licensed as Home for the Aged facility and apartments for those who desire a more active lifestyle.

McFarlan Residential is backed by a private foundation which allows it to provide innovative amenities and services to the residents it serves – all at the most competitive pricing available.

When you are looking for senior living with a difference, consider a McFarlan Residential property. With all the features and amenities this truly is senior living simplified.

McFarlan maximizes opportunities for quality of life by providing safe and affordable housing and caring services for diverse older adults in the greater Flint community.

McFarlan is an innovator in affordable housing and services for older adults and excels as a model community hub for successful aging.

Values/Guiding Principles

  • We have high standards of ethical conduct, integrity, and respect, which form the foundation of all our relationships.
  • We are committed to improving the quality of life for the older adults we serve through community collaboration.
  • We appreciate our employees and foster their professional development.
  • We believe in effective stewardship of the resources with which we are entrusted.
  • We value diversity, inclusion and equity in all our endeavors.

2024 McFarlan Charitable Corporation

Kahlia Harper, Executive Director
Lori Delongchamp, Administrator


Chair - Kathy Boles
Vice Chair - Charles Tommasulo
Treasurer - Donna Fry
Secretary - Lennetta Bradley Coney

Kathy Boles
Lennetta Bradley Coney
Donna Fry
Lisa Horn
Michael Logan
Robert Matthews
Louise McAra
Cathy Metz
Linda Moxam
Charles Tommasulo
Kaneesa Tooson